We require stable surfaces, convential Roof Repairs may have to be undertaken prior to application & "We install the products we sell, Our Liquid Rubber is manufactured too with stand ponding water

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Approx. sq.ft/Gal. Weatherproof Rubber Products: Cost:
90 RP1 FUNGAL SHIELD Click for price & info
90 RP2 SMART SHIELD Click for price & info
50 RP3 ROOF SHIELD Click for price & info


note NOTE

Check the manufactures products resistance to ponding water before you purchase, this is the area were the rubber meets the road, the litmus test of the integrity of the coating and its ability to really weatherproof anything. Some popular "Named Products " have got into this nitch aspect,... Purchasing?, please SIMPLY ASK THE MANUFACTURER FOR THE FOLLOWING:
LIMITATIONS: Ask the Manufacturer, "if they can use thier products under heavy ponding water or below grade applications."

(also get information derived from thier website)
Our Roofprotect Product can withstand ponding water situations because of its superior design.

Through the utilization of a proprietary manufacturing technology this unique process produces a true High Performance liquid Rubber Acrylic Paint Product with out water, fillers, thickeners or extenders. The Original Liquid Applied Rubber coating has been used successfully on many different substrates and subjected to severe conditions ranging from the tropical to the freezing north.Our trademarked World Class Rubber can restore protect and preserve any clean, dry, and stable surface: Concrete, Barrel, Flat, or S - Tile, Metal, Gravel, and Foam. From Roofs, Walls, Decks and much more....


Roofprotect Product has superior durability in ponding water sitauations

700 % elongation
16 % swelling to cure
1350 % Tensile Strenght
Roof Painting and coating applicators in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County Florida, is "The Original liquid Applied Rubber Roof Shield ," the genuine trademarked rubberized 100% acylic roof paint coatings, roof tile sealers and commercial flat roof paint products are weatherproof, waterproof, mildew resistant, energy efficent and Wind Resistance Rating Tech Data (Florida Code TAS-106) hurricane proof tested products

roofshield industrial roof coating manufacture Commercial flat roof elastomeric 55-Gallon drums available for bulk purchase
Roofprotect Products 100 % Rubber


What makes our customers so satisfied is many of them have had first hand experience with the effectiveness of protecting thier roofs from hurricane force winds and water damage with our Products

Roofprotect is 100 % Rubber at its cure state and does not have the limitations that typical elastomreic and Silicon prodcust have


NOTE: Typical Elastomeric roof coatings have some Limitations:


First of all "Elastomeric " is not nessessarily a "product" by-itself but a point of manufacture, the typical elastomreic roof coating is moisture-cured,. Elastomeric roof coatings were originally designed for walls and not meant for roofs because of issues of saturation to the film coating, Today some elastomerics are made with Siliocon which is inorganic it like all elastomerics has an expanding and contracting capability limited to its low tensil strenght and reappalication in many instances can not be undertaken.


*** Precisley why you should note the advantages of our Roofprotect Rubber roof coatings, they are:


  • Highly UV resistant, up to 2o % Cooler even with darker colors.
  • It's not the Typical "Elastomeric", its Liquid Rubber.
  • Impermeable, with stands ponding water.
  • Environmentally friendly, Emerald Green Award Winning.
  • Advanced tensil strenght in severe weathering situations,The only Dade County Tas -106 Uplift Tested Coating System on Tile Roofs, Proven stronger than new roof code by 5 x's.
  • Proven in the field, side by side Testimonials of real hurricane force damaged roofs.


Roof leak repair contractors


And lastly, "Roof leak repair contractors" - Some of our local experts who are roof repair contractors, repairing leaky roofs in Broward County, well they have specialized training in handling all types of roofs leak issues, even the complex and unique metal roof repairs, which "Best Roof Paint and Coatings is often considered the final solution, because of the unique premium materials they trust contains the latest advancements in weathering, waterproofing , wind resistance, fire safety and durability to get the job done.